Guided canoe tour with wilderness camping on Kalix River in Swedish Lapland.


Tour K5, Kalix river, 5 days

Fun, thrills, skills and action on this guided canoe trip in open Canadian canoes. You learn to ”read” the water and practice minimum impact wilderness camping, you learn basic bushcraft and survival skills during the tour. A day of training on quiet water prepares you for the run down the beautiful Kalix River. No experience is necessary for the canoe tour. Paddler Skill of this stretch of the river is classified as ”Novice to some skills Open Canadian”, but the current, some rapids, gravel bars demand your awareness.  

There are no towns along the route, you can find some small huts from the locals and then just the river, wilderness and forests. 

A truly canoe adventure for first time and experienced paddler


Tour Details


You meet your guide in the morning in Lappeasuando. An alternate pick up point is in the town of Kiruna. At Lappeasuando Lodge you learn the basic paddle strokes, emergency procedures and signals. You receive advice regarding camping in the wilderness, personal equipment and work sharing of the crews. Tomorrow, on the river, training will continue. The safety and comfort of the participants are the primary concerns of the guide. Tonight’s dinner is at Lappeasuando lodge.


Days 2 to 4: ON THE RIVER

Not needed luggage stays safely at Lappeasuando lodge. For the next three nights you pitch your tent or Lavvu on spots along the shore. Your paddling speed depends a lot on the water level. The forested river valley is uninhabited except some small cottages from locals. You have excellent chances to spot wild waterfowls, eagles, reindeers, perhaps a bear and moose. Five or six hours daily are spent on the river, at times leisurely drifting downstream, alert to the next rapid or obstacle. Sometimes you might have to drag the boat over shallow spots. There is time for swimming, exploring, fishing and learning bushcraft and some survivalskills around the campfire.

It is actually easy and satisfying to keep a clean camp. Minimum impact means that your group spends an afternoon and the night camping, cooking and exploring nature in any way, leaving no trace but footprints in the sand – which the next rain washes away.



This afternoon you come to the end of your canoe trip the goal is where we started the first day in Lappeasuando. The luggage you left behind is waiting for you in Lappeasuando, Time for a celebration, dinner and a Shower/Sauna. You are back in Kiruna by evening.

Optional is staying one night more at Lappeasuando Lodge.


This is a wilderness canoe tour. The guide carries a satellite phone but once started it is difficult to interrupt the trip and is only attempted in cases of emergency. Minimum age is 12 years for children accompanied by a parent.

Good to know:

Flight to Kiruna goes via SAS and Norweigian

Car can be rented in Kiruna

Equipment list and tour details are sent when the Canoetour is booked

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